The Traveling Life


The world is a very large place, with many beautiful locations. I have had the fortune of traveling to a few of them throughout my life and know first hand how brilliant our world can be. The Knot┬árecently ranked Jackson Hole as one of the 50 best locations in the world to get hitched, which is wonderful to hear, but I want to talk about some of the other locations they talked about that I have visited. First… Hawaii.

Kauai-3-540x360I mean, this place is at first site just absolutely wonderful. Coming from the mountains I often wondered if I could enjoy another place as much as Jackson, and Hawaii may be it. Like the Tetons, Kauai (which i visited) has wonderful mountains, only these mountains bash right into the ocean – exacerbated at the Nepali coast. If I could choose one other location for a wedding, this would be it (Although my experience with islands is limited). Waterfalls everywhere, small town vibe, wonderful food, great hiking and of course some of the most beautiful beaches in the world seamlessly blend together in a one of a kind island adventure.

Next, San Francisco…


The first time I visited San Francisco, i never wanted to leave. Now, I thought at first that this could have been due to the amazing kids i first visited with, but then the next three visits continued to instill the cities wonderful bewilderment in my soul. My third time visiting, I arrived driving over the bay bridge just before sunset – the haze covering the first ten stories of the city with the rest poking through in fantastic reflective majesty. Its a moment I’ve wanted to relive a thousand times but its just never the same. Although San Francisco is now one of the most expensive locations in the world to live, and for good reason. With a passionate forward thinking populace, blossoming tech industry, beautiful location and seriously killer restaurant scene who in there left mind would ever no want to live here? And as for weddings – call it cliche, but I think it would be just about perfect to have a wedding only minutes from a vibrant downtown, golden gate bridge in the background and the collective beauty of the north California coast and redwood forest a stones throw away.

Good tidings  till next time, and may every day be as wonderful as the day you said yes!

-Destination Jackson Hole