Happy Spring Break or… better yet – HONEYMOON!

Spring Break Season is upon us which means that many of us are turning our thoughts to warmer climates and vacation! We are thinking about places we’ve been, as well as places we still want to go! Or… in your case where you would like to go on your “Honeymoon!”

Cinque Terra, Italy

This charming string of five villages rests on a rugged coast line. Cars have been removed from the towns, and you can only get to them by train. There are also hiking trails connecting the individual villages, ranging from 20 minutes to 10 hours. There’s plenty to do in the Cinque Terra: from swimming, to shopping, to checking out the local farmer’s market… and not to just staring at the beautiful views!


For a long time, Cuba was a large mystery to Americans. Today, you still can’t technically go to Cuba and call yourself a “tourist.” This is because the US government has approved thirteen reasons/categories that Americans are allowed to go to Cuba for, and “tourism” is not one of them. However, these categories are fairly broad, and tourism can fit into the “people-to-people exchanges” category (supposedly a more educational experience than strict tourism), as well as “support for the Cuban people.”

The only other thing you will need to know about going to Cuba is that you will need a $50 visa that you can purchase on the spot in the airport, or beforehand through your airline. Check out the two linked articles below for more details on visiting Cuba!