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Charging into the Easter Season!

HAPPY EASTER!  Many of us are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny and the great celebration that accompanies it!  If you are planning your family dinner that day you may want to consider this beautiful addition…

Charger plates are becoming more and more common, but many of us still think of a charger as something we plug our phone into.  In terms of formal place settings, chargers are large, decorative plates to be placed under normal dinnerware. Originating in England, their purpose is truly decorative, as no food is to ever be placed on them. They can add a great elegance to a table setting, and are available in an endless amount of colors and styles

Chargers are always set on the table when guests arrive. After that, they can be taken away at almost any point the host/bride chooses, whether it be right after all guests are seated, or not until after the main course. However, it is tradition that they are not on a table for dessert.

Again, chargers are mostly decorative. They add to the feel of the room and the table. Below are some great examples of how a charger can spice up a table setting.

Fun for Easter… and the others for your day!