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Popular Wedding Favors for 2017


As wedding season grows closer, couples may be beginning to consider wedding favors for their guests. To help you along, here are some great wedding favor ideas that are popular right now.



Personalized Coasters (both cork and glass) are a very sensible gift that is both small and compact.

2)Personalized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a big trend right now. It’s a fun and useful gift that can be enjoyed throughout the sunny season!

3) Luggage Tags

This is a super fun gift for destination weddings! You can get them in all different shapes, like vintage luggage, airplanes or the state of Wyoming.

4) Candy in Creative Favor Tins

How creative you want your tin to be is up to you. You can order them to look like tuxedos, suitcases, mountain themes, etc.  Don’t forget to include huckleberry candies – a staple in Jackson, WY!

5) Lastly, many couples are taking the money they’d normally spend on wedding favors and donating it instead. These couples will leave guests notes, letting them know that all favor funds have been donated to their favorite charity. This is a wonderful trend that focuses on giving back to a world in need.

Our thoughts turn to HONEYMOONS!

As the sun starts to shine on Snow King Mountain in Jackson Hole we know the seasons are beginning to change.  As the snow continues to fly some of our thoughts turn to warmer days to come.  If you are a bride planning your 2017 summer wedding you may also be excited about planning your HONEYMOON!

I’d like to share a destination with you that my husband and I recently traveled to that had many honeymoon qualities.  THAILAND!



We flew to Singapore from San Francisco (the fifth longest flight in the world – 17 hours).  After arriving in Singapore we took a short hour flight into Krabi which we found was the best way to travel in Thailand if you’re short on time like we were. Traveling by train would take many hours, which could be a precious day or night of sleep! We found the best places for domestic flights to be Skyscanner, Kayak and Air Asia, but Mr and Mrs Smith’s concierge can also help you find the cheapest flights online. The luggage policy on both airlines we flew – Air Asia and Thai Air – are similar to the ones in the US in terms of carry on. Checked bags are charged a fee depending on the size, but you can get a discounted rate when you book with the flights.

Packing List:

1. A pair of light colored pants, for cooler days and flying.
2. Short shorts are a “no no” outside of a beach resort in Thailand, so pack longer length ones.
3. A maxi dress can also be worn for visiting temples instead of pants, just bring a scarf in your purse to cover your shoulders.
4. A flowy short dress for walking around town.
5. Comfy walking shoes and sandals/flip flops.
6. A hat to protect from the scorching sun.
7. A white shirt that goes with everything, including your maxi dress and 1-2 tops.
8. A bathing suit for the pool,  if you’re headed to the beaches or swimming with an elephant!


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